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Technical Details

From Avid editors we require an AAF file embedded, or OMFI 2 file embedded. We can receive pictures on Digibeta, or as Quicktime movie files. We provide Bwav final mixes and stems for layback. Reduced res files can be posted on Dropbox for remote client review (streaming or download)

Studio 1

Studio 2

  1. Pro-tools HD V.8 digital multitrack recording and editing to picture. ICON D-control mixing desk with Genelec monitoring in 5.1 surround, locked to Digibeta DVW A500P or running Quicktime movie files with 50 inch Plasma widescreen monitor.
  2. Voice-over booth holds up to two artists comfortably for voice-over recording to picture.
  3. Source Connect for remote ADR or VO recording to picture.

Get In Touch

Our Source Connect ID is murricane1. We can accept files by disc, hard drive or FTP transfer.

Contact dawn@murricanes.co.uk for transfer details.